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Leanne Whitehouse ~ Voluntary Contributor

ElleFreeman Foundation ~ Enagic Distributor Number 1902153


Servicing Australia Wide

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Testimony & New Distributor – Jude Bishop

Hi Guys ~

My name is Jude. I am a very happy Kangen Water user and Distributor living in Canberra. I am married and have 2 grown kids & am Nanna to 7 beautiful grandkids/godkids.

I own and use the LeveLuk R model. I installed it myself. It took all of 10 minutes. (ok maybe 15.. I am a woman after all HAHA )

 Testimony & New Distributor   Jude Bishop

Originally I had my machine sent to my home address. It arrived within 3 days of my order being processed but I missed the delivery. So I jumped online and changed the delivery address to my work address as no-one would be home to be able to take the delivery. It was re-delivered to my work with no problems at all.

Now since having my machine I have found so many uses for the water.

Installed in Kitchen 300x168 Testimony & New Distributor   Jude Bishop

Firstly and most importantly is drinking. And this is coming from a woman who NEVER drank water. It’s has no smell, no metalic taste, no chemical taste, no chlorine taste no nothing. Yes it is very very slightly cloudy but almost clear and a little bubbly. That is the magic of Kangen Water. It’s alive !!

Secondly I use it to wash all my fruit and veg. I want to get rid of as many chemicals as I can. I want fresh, crisp, healthy food. I use it in my cooking, pasta has a better cleaner taste. It’s hard to describe but you will taste it. Vegies cooked in Kangen Water cook faster and keep a nicer brighter colour..

Thirdly I use the Beauty water on my face and as a rinse for my hair. I use it to water my indoor plants. I give it to my dogs as their drinking water. I am now playing with using it in my washing machine also. Not a full loads worth of water but 2 or 3 litres each load.

I could go on.. It’s all about the trials to see what works for you best. Start with drinking it and take it from there. You body, environment and lifestyle with thank you.

I can’t recommend Kangen Water enough. I’ve gone from no water EVER to 5 glass’s a day ( with more each week.. ) I see the difference in my body from my skin to my hair. Just AMAZING..

Email me for a free local demo or trial.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheers, Jude Bishop ~ Canberra
Enagic Distributor ID 1904086

Fluoride Cartridge Replacement

July 2014 ElleFreeman bought an inline Fluoride Filter to reduce the amount of Fluoride intake at Leanne’s household.

The water tastes so much better without the fluoride in it and a major learning curve was set in motion on the best way to install and utilise the inline filtration Unit.

The filter really started to struggle after 2 months usage with restricted water flow and the machine requesting the user to increase flow.

The new filter was ordered and postage was only $2.00 which was a lot more reasonable than a return flight to Sydney.

It arrived within 48 hours of ordering just as Leanne was heading off for a mini holiday.

Today, on her return, the machine was sitting in the corner flashing machine needs cleaning. This is nothing unusal, because if you don’t use the machine for 24 hours you will get this message, part of the self cleaning process that Kangen Machines pride themselves at.

The tap was turned on and very slowly the water commenced running through the machine and the screen continued to flash the machine.

Leanne decided it would be a good time to replace the Fluoride filter and reverse the purple filter with the grey filter to experiment to see if that made any change to the filters lifespan.


fluoride Filter 150x150 Fluoride Cartridge Replacement

The filter had a little plug in the top that stops activating the Fluoride Filter until you are ready to insert. There where no instructions so Leanne twisted the yellow top and nothing occurred. She then decided to grip the yellow bit between her teeth and pulled and the plug popped out. Obviously it is a pull out plug and not a twist plug! All in a days learning.

fluoride filter2 150x150 Fluoride Cartridge Replacement

The purple filter was swapped position with the grey filter and a test of the Kangen Machine revealled Free flowing water that “Cleansed” for a few minutes then commenced produced 9.5pH water to Leanne’s delight!

We are still on a learning curve with the Fluoride Filter and now that we have a used cartidge this will now go to “Experimentation” workshop and consideration is being pondered on how to create a diversion from the pre filter when producing strong Kangen Water as the fluoride is not a major issue for cleaning things.

Fluoride consumption is a major health issue in Leanne’s world and finding a way to help people have a choice to consume fluoride or not is a major reason for all of these trials.

May you all enjoy a fun October Long Weekend for those of you who have a public holiday tommorrow.

Leanne Whitehouse

Enagic Distributor ID: 1902153

Bus Hours Phone Number: 61409844033

Queensland 4221

Servicing Australia Wide

Congratulations ElleFreeman Foundation

Our Mission with KangenWaterOZ is to build all distributors within this tribe to Distributor Level 6A… and beyond, with the least amount of discomfort to the distributors life.

It is with great pleasure that ElleFreeman received an email today from Enagic Headquarters:

ID# 1902153


Congratulations! You ranked up to 3A!
Please keep extending Enagics philosophy of

1. Realizing true physical health
2. Realizing true financial health
3. Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Enagic International Headquarters
CEO Hironari Ohshiro

intro changewater 230x300 Congratulations ElleFreeman Foundation

Leanne Whitehouse
Elle Freeman Foundation
Enagic Distributor Number: 1902153
Gold Coast, QLD
Business Phone Number 61409844033
Servicing Australia Wide

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