Fluoride Cartridge Replacement

July 2014 ElleFreeman bought an inline Fluoride Filter to reduce the amount of Fluoride intake at Leanne’s household.

The water tastes so much better without the fluoride in it and a major learning curve was set in motion on the best way to install and utilise the inline filtration Unit.

The filter really started to struggle after 2 months usage with restricted water flow and the machine requesting the user to increase flow.

The new filter was ordered and postage was only $2.00 which was a lot more reasonable than a return flight to Sydney.

It arrived within 48 hours of ordering just as Leanne was heading off for a mini holiday.

Today, on her return, the machine was sitting in the corner flashing machine needs cleaning. This is nothing unusal, because if you don’t use the machine for 24 hours you will get this message, part of the self cleaning process that Kangen Machines pride themselves at.

The tap was turned on and very slowly the water commenced running through the machine and the screen continued to flash the machine.

Leanne decided it would be a good time to replace the Fluoride filter and reverse the purple filter with the grey filter to experiment to see if that made any change to the filters lifespan.


fluoride Filter 150x150 Fluoride Cartridge Replacement

The filter had a little plug in the top that stops activating the Fluoride Filter until you are ready to insert. There where no instructions so Leanne twisted the yellow top and nothing occurred. She then decided to grip the yellow bit between her teeth and pulled and the plug popped out. Obviously it is a pull out plug and not a twist plug! All in a days learning.

fluoride filter2 150x150 Fluoride Cartridge Replacement

The purple filter was swapped position with the grey filter and a test of the Kangen Machine revealled Free flowing water that “Cleansed” for a few minutes then commenced produced 9.5pH water to Leanne’s delight!

We are still on a learning curve with the Fluoride Filter and now that we have a used cartidge this will now go to “Experimentation” workshop and consideration is being pondered on how to create a diversion from the pre filter when producing strong Kangen Water as the fluoride is not a major issue for cleaning things.

Fluoride consumption is a major health issue in Leanne’s world and finding a way to help people have a choice to consume fluoride or not is a major reason for all of these trials.

May you all enjoy a fun October Long Weekend for those of you who have a public holiday tommorrow.

Leanne Whitehouse

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Congratulations ElleFreeman Foundation

Our Mission with KangenWaterOZ is to build all distributors within this tribe to Distributor Level
6A… and beyond, with the least amount of discomfort to the distributors life.

It is with great pleasure that ElleFreeman received an email today from Enagic Headquarters:

ID# 1902153


Congratulations! You ranked up to 3A!
Please keep extending Enagics philosophy of

1. Realizing true physical health
2. Realizing true financial health
3. Realizing true mental/metaphysical health

Thank you and keep up the good work!

Enagic International Headquarters
CEO Hironari Ohshiro

Leanne Whitehouse
Elle Freeman Foundation
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For an incredible presentation on becoming an Enagic Distributor, visit:

Introducing Cynthia Brigante

I’d like to introduce you to your leaders, please meet Pete Chapman he lives in England and is a 6A, then with him at the big Kangen Convention held in Okinawa was Raymond Sun of Singapore who is also a 6A and whilst there they met with Cynthia Brigante who lives in the right area of Los Angeles California in the USA. Cynthia is a 6A7, this means that she is a 6A and has another 7 people who are also a 6A under her, she’s worked hard to get there AND still works hard even though she enjoys an income of over a S million, she puts her success down to her over-abundance of enthusiasm for both the Kangen product and for her team of wonderful Kangen people, I can be very enthusiastic if it allows me to earn a million a year – what about you?

Cynthia 300x168 Introducing  Cynthia Brigante

cleardot Introducing  Cynthia Brigante

You know that when you are making a million you can do things that others cannot, like she had Earth Wind and Fire play at her house for her birthday, not bad, a millionaire can do things like that and I am determined to be one again and I want some of you to tag along into millionaire row with me, all you need is super enthusiasm like Cynthia has..


Our planned objective of having something special for our team is taking shape and I expect to have announcements for you in July, Ronnie’s already booked a big name band for his birthday, he wants to get back to living like a millionaire too.


I’ve put this up so that you can feel more confident about your future in the Kangenwateroz gang – will keep posting announcements for you and get ready to come down here around October for our first team conference, more later.  

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40th Kangen Convention in Okwinowa

Kangen is celebrating its 40th year and has invited all distributors to attend, regrettably Leanne did not attend this year but is making plans to go to Las Vagas next year.

This year 1,000 distributors attended of the 600,000 distributors worldwide.

Our uplines:

Pete Chapman 6a who introduced Leanne

Pete Chapman 168x300 40th Kangen Convention in Okwinowa

Raymond Sun 6a4 who introduced Pete

Peter and Raymond 179x30011 40th Kangen Convention in Okwinowa

and Cynthia Briganti 6a7 the 3rd highest Sales distributor across the World in May 2014 who introduced Raymond.Cynthia 300x168 40th Kangen Convention in Okwinowa

All attended the convention in Japan this year.

There have been some major announcements that will be published next week but having an open communication with Pete I can reveal some things.

1. Next years Convention is in Las Vegas, USA.

Expecting 3000 Enagic distributors who will be there!

Recogniation for 6a and above achievements. That will be Kangenwateroz.com and a bunch of distributors within our tribe!
2. There is going to be a launch of an 24/7 online Geneology from your smart phone or computer.

It has lots of flexibility and information in an easy to use format that will be great for you 3a and above chasing goals and looking for ways in which to find ways to identify where you need to improve your team

3. More oustanding I.T. news! You can now get an app for your smart phone which allows you to place orders and register customers as distributors by credit card 24/7 from anywhere in the world!

This will revolutionise your business! Instant registration to a global centre in Okinawa and dispatched from the local office to your customer

4. A NEW MACHINE! The Kangen 8! Touch screen operation. 8 plates! Less tubing for acid and Strong Kangen.

Easy cleaning.

Available in all countries no matter what the voltage – so can be shipped from anywhere to anywhere with no concerns about voltage suitability.

photo 8 168x300 40th Kangen Convention in Okwinowa

5. A New Fast Start pack available with videos, manuals, presentation pack to get a new distributor started fast.

Pete will be studying that over the course of the next few weeks.
6. One cell bonuses are permanently available now to everyone.

Help one to get one each month…. keep doing that and you will get monthly bonuses. Leanne will be discussing what strategies he learnt whilst in Japan and if appropriate they will be implemented into this tribe.

Looking forward to helping each and every distributor to reach 1a and beyond.

Independent Enagic Distributor ID: 1902153   Servicing Australia-wide

Business hours:  9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, local time

East Coast (GMT+10) – Leanne Whitehouse
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Email: leanne@kangenwateroz.com

cleardot 40th Kangen Convention in Okwinowa





Water Impersonators The True Cost of Water Ionizers

I love the way our experiences in other parts of the World can help other people with their research.

People often ask why they should spend as much as $5,000 on a Hexagonal Kangen Water device when they can buy water ionisers for much less.

The truth is, water ionisers that are priced lower than the Enagic Leveluk SD501 actually cost much more over the life of the device.

Electrolysis Process

The most costly component of any ionizing device is the electrolysis plates which are made of precious metals titanium and platinum. (Platinum costs over $1,500 an once.)

Some cheaper ionizers use wire mesh, sprayed with a platinum coating, while Enagic uses plates that are solid titanium, dipped in platinum, with a nearly 5 times larger surface area.

For example, one of the higher priced competitor units costs $1,400.

The surface area of their platinum sprayed wire mesh water chamber electrolysis plates is 56 square inches.

An Enganic SD 501 Machine has 245 sq inches of solid (not mesh) titatium plates that are platinum dipped.

If you divide the surface area into the cost of the device, the competitor is charging $25 a square inch for platinum sprayed wire mesh vs $16 per square inch for platinum dipped solid plates used in the Enagic machine.

One of he factors that reduce the efficency of any ionizing water device is when the electrolyis plates in the water chamber heat up.

Small plates heat up more quickly than large ones.

This causes the alkalinity to drop off sharply and quickly in devices with small plates, and affects the ability of the machine to create hexagonal water clusters.

The alkalinty of the water produced by the SD501 drops off only 15% after an hour of continual use, compared to minutes in competing devices.

The SD501 uses 230 watts of electricity vs 80 watts in the closest competitors machine.

Since electricity is the power that splits the water molecule and produces the desirable hexagonal molecular structure, more power is definitely better. “Others cant deliver this power because the plates are too small and will over heat.

Enagic’s LeveLuk SD501 has a superior five year warranty, compared to one year typical with other devices.

They provide service in Sydney Australia which they own.

The LeveLuk SD501 internal parts are exactly the same as the water cell of the Super SD501, which is an industrial grade device, used in commercial applications.

This is a very heavy duty device, and is superior to its competitors.

The Enganic water chamber is engineered so that it is easy to be dismantled for service if needed.

The water chambers of other devices are sealed, making it necessary to replace the water chamber at a cost of around $700 if it fails for any reason.

Many competitors units are not engineered to produce Strong Acidic Water.

The SD501 will produce about three times the volume of water that the others will in the same period of time, and the SD501 filter lasts for about 5,000 litres compared to 1,000 litres.

Medicinal Device

Enagic’s SD501 is classified as a medicinal device in Japan while competitors machines are sold only as home applicances, like toasters or blenders.

In Japan the SD501 can be prescribed by a doctor as a medical device, and is sold as a Kangen water Generating Device, which generates ionized, hexagonal water.

Hexagonal Water – comprised of small molecular units or ring shaped clusters – moves easily within the cellular matrix of the body, helping with nutrient absorption and waste removal. It aids metabolic processes, supports the immune system, contributes to lasting vitality and acts as a carrier of dissolved oxygen.

It can provide alkaline minerals to the body and it helps in the more efficient removal of acidic wastes.

Drinking hexagonal water takes us in the direction of health.

It supports long life and freedom from disease.

Biological organisms prefer hexagonal water.

Dr Mu Shik Jhon, Reseacher and Author

The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key

Eddie Gann is a Kangen Water Distributor in Columbia USA and he shared on a Facebook page

I recently “replaced” a water ionizer for a man in my area.

cheap imitations 300x225 Water Impersonators The True Cost of Water Ionizers

He was responsible enough to be concerned about his health, so I commend him on being willing to make the investment.

The problem … he simply heard about water ionizers and found a website to purchase one.

This was approx. 2 years ago … as the photo reveals, his 2 year old machine is producing “ACIDIC” water … on the “highest” alkaline setting!

Next to his machine is my 4 year old SD501 that is still producing good, healthy, antioxidant, alkaline water!

Regardless of what you may find on the websites … the YouTube videos … or how any wannabe competitor may try to convince you … I “KNOW” my SD501 will still be producing the healthiest water available 20 years from now!

I love what I do because I never have to apologize to anyone because of the results (or lack of results) when they purchase from this 40 year old Japanese company!

If you are interested in either improving your health, or maintaining good health … I feel this is the single most impacting thing you can do! Check it out … request a free ebook at: www.kangenwatershealthy.com.

Love Peace and Truth


Independent Enagic Distributor
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Bill Gates owns 16 Machines

I just found out that

Bill Gates has 16 Enagic Kangen Water ionizers.

You only need one!

billgateskangen 229x300 Bill Gates owns 16 Machines

I have been successfully using a LeveLuk SD501 since August 2013.

The whole family enjoys Hexagonal Water and over the coming blog posts I will share some experiences of how to implement using this machine so that it becomes a habit.

My kids always take a full drink bottle of Kangen Water to school.

I have just bought a BPA Free 5 litre water  container from Bunnings so that when they go to their Dad’s they can continue to drink Kangen Water.

I was terrified of how I would ever learn how to use it because I have traumatic Brain injury and one of the results is short term memory challenges.

 I still forget but my kids remember.

 You can even earn a commission if you become a distributor.

 I am a 2a which means I have sold more that 2 machines.

The first sale I earned $290 the second sale I earnt $280 both sales where a LeveLuk SD501

The first sale was a bank transfer the second sale was a credit card purchase. $10 fee incurred due to credit card transaction.

I will explain that in full when you ask me:)

My next target is 3a which means that all the distributors on my team require to sell one machine each which will bring my teams effort to 10 sales, or I am required to do another 5 personal sales, which ever occurs first. 

 The sales target do not have a time frame on them.

 I am slow at selling because I forget to follow up people on closing a sale.

 I desire a person who knows that Kangen Water will change their life and are willing to purchase a machine in interest free terms that will share the Kangen message to help other people change their lives by changing the water they drink.

The person who introduced me to Kangen is a 6a which means his team has sold more than 100 machines and he has incurred close to $100,000 in commission.

I take my hat of to him. He ‘worked’ his business months after his wife passed away.

This website generates 2 to 3 leads a week, the last two weeks I have not been able to follow up due to my son requiring hospitalisation.

I welcome you to this tribe so that we can all help each other

Whatever you choose to do in your life, do it well and have FUN!

Love Peace and Truth


Independent Enagic Distributor
ID: 1902153
Servicing Australia-wide
Business hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, local time
Gold Coast Q 4217 (GMT+10) – Leanne Whitehouse
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Email: leanne@kangenwateroz.com

Leanne’s Goals for 2014

I find it so inspirational when the person that introduced me to http://kangenwateroz.com is so upfront with his personal goals it makes me just desire to do the same as him.

2014 05 22 12.04.58 200x300 Leannes Goals for 2014


He just posted on Facebook his goal which leads me to share with my team of consumers and distributors that they also need to hear of Pete’s goals and mine.

For the record here is Petes Goal:

“I have worked out that I need 9 6a’s in 3 separate teams to achieve my personal goal of 6a3-2 by the end of 2015.
I think I know the 3 that will make 6a in 2014 so I need 6 in those 3 teams to go all in.
If you are one of the nine please declare either here https://www.facebook.com/groups/kangenwellmembers/ or by email peter@petechapmanblog.com or IM and let me know your plan and how I can help.
From 1 a to 6a in 12 months requires you and your group to make one personal sale a month.
Remember what man can conceive and believe he can achieve.

— feeling excited.”

I am at level 2a and intend to be 6a before the end of this year 2014.

I did one personal sale last month so I desire to do another personal sale in the next 30 days.

To make it easy for me, the epayment due date is the 2oth of the month so I will use the 20th as the start and end date for my “month”.
I have started by putting in at least 20 hours work into improving the website http://kangenwateroz.com it is by no means complete and I will continue tweaking as my knowledge increases.

I have had a wonderful business mentoring call with a third party Company and the recording sent to me for the one hour and 20 minutes.

From that session I have established that I need to create several capture pages suggesting that people can get a machine for free, “fill in your phone number and email address” and I will send you a report on how this can be done.

This is being crafted.

I had a follow up call yesterday, (two weeks after the inital business mentoring call) and I have been encouraged to verbalise this message so that it becomes a habit and by opening my mouth it will be like a virtual ATM machine as I gain confidence.

I have had my child hospitalised due to contracting a rare viral infection.

We still have 2 to four weeks before it is well behind us but being optimistic with his recovery.

By far the easiest way to help a person afford a Kangen Machine is to offer the epayment facility which is interest free.

You are paid your Special Bonus Commission 24 hours after the sale and the balance of the commission after the epayment has been paid in full.

Peter has set up a FREE Member site which shows you how he builds his business using wordpress, aweber and social networks.

The site also has good powerpoints, ebooks and various other things that will help your business grow.

If you would like to join Peter’s site contact me and I will send you a personal invitation because it is INVITATION only.

Once you are connected with that group we will add you to our KangenWell facebook group where you will get a few ideas from other members on how to develop your business as well as from Peter and myself.

I am focusing my customer base to Australians in particular, we have Governments that put Fluoride into our water, Kangen has a filter that extracts 90% of the Fluoride out and well as ionizing the water to enhance incredible health benefits.

Enjoy your weekend and do get in contact with me if you desire to generate income from your distributorship.

Love Peace and Truth


Independent Enagic Distributor
ID: 1902153
Servicing Australia-wide
Business hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, local time
Gold Coast Q 4217 (GMT+10) – Leanne Whitehouse
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Email: leanne@kangenwateroz.com

I use a Rainwater Tank for My Drinking Water. Do I require an in line filter due to hard water?

Kangen sells a Pre Filter Set for Rainwater tanks.

The hard water plays havoc with the pH and puts undue strain on your machine and the ability to get the pH to the optimum requirements.

This is an additional expense but well worth the investment. The other option you could do is to hook your drinking water up to Town Water but make sure your Council doesn’t add Fluoride because if it does then you will have to consider Fluoride reduction Filter to combat that.

As Yahoo Serious was Quoted in “Young Einstien” If you can’t trust the government. Who can you Trust?


Chronic Dehydration

A little education about water and chronic dehydration by a Doctor.

The video below is 14 minutes and 40 seconds long and stops abruptly. It gives enough information that we need to hydrate our bodies constantly and what better way to hydrate using the right pH for our bodies at the flick of a switch.

By having your own Kangen Machine in your kitchen you can also enjoy all the other benefits of water that you may have overlooked. Every day we learn something new towards our health and if this Doctors speech facinates you, get more information by doing a search for him within google.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (1931 — November 15, 2004) was born in Tehran, Iran. He was best known for his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, and his writings related to health and wellness.

Batmanghelidj graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University[citation needed], where he studied under Sir Alexander Fleming. Many believe he conducted research in the field of gastroenterology, and subsequent books garnered media coverage in the nineties. A search of scientific literature on Medline is only able to locate two papers ever published by him in scientific journals; a three page editorial and a lecture, neither of them can be considered research.

Batmanghelidj claims that he discovered the medicinal value of water during his detention in Evin Prison by treating inmates with water when medication was not available. His methods and ideas ascribing common disease symptoms to dehydration have not been adopted by the medical community. The report of his findings was published as an editorial in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, June 1983. The New York Times Science Watch reported this on June 21, 1983.

He authored Your Body’s Many Cries for Water in 1992. In this book, Batmanghelidj asserts that chronic dehydration is the root cause of all physical diseases and explains the damaging effects of dehydration. He discusses the role of water in the body and his belief that water can transform the health needs of society. His writings related to the treatment of diseases and conditions with water have been considered controversial. Batmanghelidji believes that a dry mouth is not the first symptom of thirst but one of the last. In fact, as people age, their ability to recognize thirst decreases. This means they drink less and age even faster. Based on his research, he claims that water can protect people from the following conditions:

Asthma and allergies
High blood cholesterol
Heart disease and stroke
Depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sleep disorders
Lack of energy
Leukemia and Lymphoma
Attention Deficit Disorder
Hot flushes
Kidney stones

Batmanghelidj claims that dehydration can be a contributing factor to cancer and auto-immune disorders, including AIDS. Batamanghelidj claimed elsewhere that water provides energy for the body and brain, by splitting into its component hydrogen and oxygen. Batmanghelidji’s writings have been translated into fifteen languages, and are sold in countries around the world.

Watch his presentation


Enjoy the learning curve.

Independent Enagic Distributor
ID: 1902153
Servicing Australia-wide
Business hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, local time
Gold Coast Q 4217 (GMT+10) – Leanne Whitehouse
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Kangen Water Medical Advisor Dr Shinya

Leanne is not an expert on colon’s but last week she did use Kangen Water to Rehydrate after she had a blocked bowel.

Most people do not comprehend what it is like after you have undergone an emergency operation to resection your bowel after being unconcious for 12 hours.

Nor do they know the pain of the bowel closing over and shutting tight like a piece of velcro ensuring no food goes through the final process of digestion.

Most people think “Constipation” when in fact the result is “Projectile Vomitting”

The pain of the bowel expanding as more and more food gets banked up is just unbearable.

The relief of the projectile vomit is intense.

The thought of eating again and enduring that blockage is unthinkable.

Last week, this process occurred to Leanne.

For thirty Six hours she drank Kangen 9.5 pH with honey and himalyan Salt.

She gradually introduced soft foods and built her way back to a full diet.

This time, the first time she was not hospitalised and put on a drip to get rehydrated!

Whilst Leanne does not have cancer she has researched Dr Shinya and taken notice of results of his patients and applied it to her own health issues.

The article below shows how Dr Shinya endorses Kangen Water.

Dr Shinya endorses Kangen 300x267 Kangen Water Medical Advisor Dr Shinya


Leanne would not be without it.


Independent Enagic Distributor
ID: 1902153
Servicing Australia-wide
Business hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, local time
Gold Coast Q 4217 (GMT+10) – Leanne Whitehouse
Mobile: 0409 844 033
Phone – Int’l: +61409 844 033
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